Leachate Facility, Soldotna

Beachy Construction was awarded a bid on a commercial project up the road this winter, a Leachate Facility at the Soldotna Landfill.  The trick was the erection and maintenance of a tent to keep the foundation at 45 degrees during normal temperatures of -10 during January?!
Wikipedia helped clarify what we signed up for.  "The generation of leachate is caused principally by precipitation percolating through waste deposited in a landfill. The primary criterion for design of a leachate system is that all leachate be collected and removed from the landfill.  There are many components to a collection system including pumps, manholes, discharge lines and liquid level monitors."
Though Sheldon had plenty to worry about, the Lord answered his prayers with literally NO SNOW or sub-zero temps during the entire two months the tent was erected... unheard of!  One windstorm tore the tent apart, but other than that, Thank You, JESUS, for Your grace.
The eagles are the project managers on the garbage pile!
 The concrete poured and curing.
 The subcontractors have done a great job; the timeline right on track.
 It seems like such a small and simple project now that the tent is down. :)