LOW Tide Clamming and Dipping

 Sunday, July 23, Sheldon and I enjoyed God's splendor with a -5 tide in China Poot.  The warm sunshine and the still water was a breathtaking reflection of His grace and glory!
 We left the harbor at 7am. in the bubble to get to the clam beds before low tide.
Shoveling out the little hillside knolls, Sheldon knows how to find them... at least 2 1/2 inches wide to keep.  I missed my clamming buddies and put in my own time digging this year!
 A satisfying bucket to show.
 We inched our way up the channel to dipnet at the lower falls in China Poot creek.  Just ahead of the crowds, Sheldon was getting 4 at a time in his net!
 A limit of 6 each, we got 12 and had a proxy for 6 more - 18!
 How fun is that?!
 Thank You for sustaining and satisfying us with Your goodness, Lord Jesus.  XOXOX